Sound Design for Boi Boi is Dead

Just finished working on ‘Boi Boi Is Dead’ by writer  Zodwa Nyoni. Real pleasure working with Composer Michael Henry and Director Lucian Msamati.

West Yorkshire Playhouse & Watford Place Theatre

Some stunning music written by Michael Henry mixing Afro Jazz, vocal soundscape and Miles Davis  style Trumpet solos for Actor/Musician Jack Benjamin. My job, apart from writing additional underscores, involved mixing and producing the recorded and live music.

This is the pre show music mixing some of the music written by Michael Henry from the show with soundscape using cello, celesta, chimes and other processed sound.



Silver Moon by Kolesk Dance

I’ve been working on music for choreographer Julia Cheng’s (Kolesk Dance) contribution to the CAS (Chinese Arts Space) New Moon Project. The music is four parts and has mostly been written with the possibility of live performance in mind, though the performances at Rich Mix on the 20th February and The Albany on the 21st February will be pre recorded.

Here is a sketch of the first two sections using Marimbas, Celesta, Xylophones, Small Gongs, Wood Blocks and some processing on the Marimbas

The third section is for Cello and Piano

A teaser trailer with superb dancers Hannah Anderson-Ricketts, Maria Fonseca, Ffion Campbell-Davies


Been a bit mental over here over the last bit.

Currently working on sound design for “Little Red Riding Hood“, a Rock n Roll panto that’s going to be on at the Liverpool Everyman. It’s going to be an extravaganza and tickets are selling quick.

Also I shall be working Tiata Fahodzi’s co-production with West Yorkshire Playhouse “Boi Boi is Dead” that will be on in February in Leeds and March in Watford.

The Sky Falls In

Last year I was working with Catherine Ireton on music for a play by Kevin Dyer called “In Praise of Elephants” commissioned by Farnham Maltings. The music was a mixture of rearrangements of existing songs, some of Catherine’s own work, and music we wrote together. This particular track started life listening to Brian Eno’s “Music for Airports”. We played around with simple repeating and evolving piano figures using space and creating long melodies for the voice using a natural harmonic scale.

I let one of the tracks sit for a year to ferment and came back to it a couple of weeks ago. I’ve developed the piano a little, added some cello and a little processing. The track has moved from it’s Eno-esque ambient and minimal roots into something more sumptuous. I’m quite proud of the results.

Music & Sound Design Showreel

Just put together a new show reel from work in the theatre, for short film and contemporary dance.

Music & Sound Design Showreel from Simon McCorry on Vimeo.

Music & Sound Design Showreel

Composer / Sound Designer Simon McCorry

Theatre, film and dance projects.

for further info –


This work was made at the time when I was working with artist Kieran Crowder on his Here Lies exhibition/large scale installation at MASS nightclub in Brixton around 2000.

Momentarily at the Edge of Infinity was made in a rapid flurry of creativity over a period of 24 hours. This was the first time for me that inspiration hit handing me a complete piece of music ready made. The process was like the dreamy effect that it’s title hints at. I was looking at stuff coming to life and evolving with what seemed like very little input from myself. Usually it has been a long struggle.

MacbethAlone! Trailer/Teaser

Been working on the sound design and music for this for a few months now. Completely local village affair with neighbours actor/director Chris Garner – who has adapted Macbeth and some other Shakespeare plays into a wonderful and claustrophobic one man play – and designer Sue Condie. Rehearsals, development and experiment in our village and valuable dramaturgical and directorial input from Polly Teale.

Here is a Teaser/Trailer we managed to shoot between tech and performance at Salisbury Playhouse

“a different landscape” re-release on bandcamp

Under my amonism moniker we’re re-releasing the album ‘a different landscape’ on All tracks that have crystallised in someway from off cuts from my work for theatre, they traverse genre but hold thematically together, from disorientating trip hop dub of ‘There Are No Guarantees’ to the neo classical and abstract angular glitch of “one Sunny Day”. A lot of this work deals structurally with my fascination with mathematical forms and ideas and balances this with a poetic sensibility.